Accompaniment tracks available for hymns

The UU Musicians Network is making available recorded accompaniment tracks for certain hymns and other pieces used in worship. The tracks were created for use by congregations that have limited music resources.

Accompaniment tracks are available for Comfort Me [P. 1002 in Singing the Journey], De Colores [P. 305 in Singing the Living Tradition], The Fire of Commitment [P. 1028 in Singing the Journey], and Gather the Spirit [P. 347 in Singing the Living Tradition].

For each hymn there is a piano accompaniment and a second track with piano and saxophone. The tracks are free. The UUMN would like to hear from congregations that find these useful. Email uumn at  The network will consider making more tracks available if these initial ones prove useful.

Music ministry resources at WorshipWeb

InterConnections articles published in recent years about music ministry have been collected at the UUA’s online WorshipWeb. The information includes articles about certifying, supporting, and paying music directors, and building and sustaining music programs.

WorshipWeb is a growing collection of resources about the many facets of worship, including music, technology, and lay leadership, plus readings, sermons, and chalice lightings.

Other music resources at WorshipWeb include a listing of songbooks and hymnals used by congregations, music CDs recorded by congregations, and links to organizations like the UU Musicians Network and a database of new music by UU composers.