Small Group Ministry Network offers variety of resources

Leaders of small group ministry programs and groups are encouraged to join the UU Small Group Ministry Network. Members receive a monthly newsletter and a quarterly journal. Both include practical information about small group ministry. Other resources include many free session plans, several books and other publications available for purchase, and an online discussion group where ideas can be shared with others.

The June/July issue of Covenant Group News, the monthly publication, includes an article on what to do about low attendance. The Summer issue of the SGM Quarterly journal has an article on how small group ministry can help a congregation weather change.

A new resource from the UU Small Group Ministry Network is the publication Social Justice Work: Preparation, Action, Reflection Through Small Group Ministry, by Helen Zidowecki and Susan Hollister.

Small Group Ministry resources available

The Small Group Ministry Network will present an institute August 30—September 2 at Camp deBenneville Pines in the mountains above Los Angeles. The institute will focus on learning to do small group ministry and exploring its impact on congregations, building facilitator skills and creating effective sessions. Information is available on the SMG Network website,

Various publications are also available from the network. They include Small Group Ministry with All Ages, Spiritual Journeys: 101 Session Plans for Small Group Ministry Programs, and Small Group Ministry 2010, Celebrating Congregations. The network publishes a quarterly newsletter which is available to members. The current Summer 2011 issue includes articles on strengthening congregations through small group ministry, a profile of the SGM program at the UU Church in Eugene, Ore., and creating credos. A monthly newsletter is available online to anyone.

The network is open to small group ministry participants and leaders. Membership is $40 for individuals and $100 for congregations. The network is supported by its members.