Films focus on consumerism

Looking for a way to start a conversation at church about consumerism, waste, and other environmental topics? Two short films, The Story of Stuff and The Story of Electronics, are a good place to start.

Each is 15 to 20 minutes. The films are suitable for youth groups, adult education sessions, and other purposes. The Story of Stuff explains that overconsumption is rapidly depleting the world’s resources and that many of the actual costs of production, including environmental hazards for factory workers, aren’t apparent in the prices we pay for things.

The Story of Electronics focuses on what goes into making computers, cell phones, and other electronic goods: from the children in the Congo who dig dangerous metals out of the ground, to planned obsolescence and what happens when we dispose of these products.

The films also describe ways people can work on environmental issues, including advocating for fair and labor practices, creating products that last longer, and requiring more restrictions on toxic components.

Both films, and much more information about consumerism, is at