Small group ministry resources from the UUA Bookstore

Five resources are available from the UUA Bookstore for small group ministry programs and other spiritual sharing groups:

  • Soul to Soul, a 174-page book published in 2011, is the second collection of small group offerings by Christine Robinson and Alicia Hawkins. From the bookstore website: “Covering wide-ranging topics such as addiction, grieving, and personal resilience, Soul to Soul offers new opportunities to explore life issues with others.” $14.
  • The Pen and the Bell, published in 2012, is available as an eBook and includes both meditative and writing exercises. “The Pen and the Bell is about how to achieve mindfulness and creative fulfillment in spite of long to-do lists. It’s about gaining access to our deeper selves in the workaday world, and bringing forth this authentic self in our writing.” $15.
  • The Sustainable Soul by Rebecca James Hecking, was published in 2011. It is a “guide for a journey toward ecological spirituality and sustainable culture,” according to the website description. It includes guided meditations, art projects, and ideas for actions. $14.

A comprehensive list of small group ministry resources, including information on how to form such programs within congregations, can be found at the website of The UU Small Group Ministry Network.

Small Group Ministry resources available

The Small Group Ministry Network will present an institute August 30—September 2 at Camp deBenneville Pines in the mountains above Los Angeles. The institute will focus on learning to do small group ministry and exploring its impact on congregations, building facilitator skills and creating effective sessions. Information is available on the SMG Network website,

Various publications are also available from the network. They include Small Group Ministry with All Ages, Spiritual Journeys: 101 Session Plans for Small Group Ministry Programs, and Small Group Ministry 2010, Celebrating Congregations. The network publishes a quarterly newsletter which is available to members. The current Summer 2011 issue includes articles on strengthening congregations through small group ministry, a profile of the SGM program at the UU Church in Eugene, Ore., and creating credos. A monthly newsletter is available online to anyone.

The network is open to small group ministry participants and leaders. Membership is $40 for individuals and $100 for congregations. The network is supported by its members.