Looking for a Skinner House discussion guide?

Wondering if there’s a study guide for that Skinner House book that you’d like to use for a religious education course? Now there’s a page on UUA.org devoted to Companion Resources for Skinner House Books.

In addition to study guides prepared by UUA staff and others, the resources include videos and UU World articles.

People are also invited to suggest other resources or create their own and submit them for posting on the site.

Congregations and Beyond discussion guide available

A new discussion guide is available for Congregations and Beyond, the concept introduced by the Rev. Peter Morales that our congregations can take other forms besides that of a group of people that meet at a fixed location each week. Congregations and other groups of UUs are invited to use the guide to explore trends in the American religious landscape, to consider how a congregation might reach out into its larger community to invite people to participate in an established UU group, or how “unconventional” congregations might be created.

Since being introduced by Morales in February 2012, Congregations and Beyond has become a UUA initiative. As Morales noted, “The central conviction driving [Congregations and Beyond] is that our core values appeal to far more people than are attracted to (or likely to be attracted to) our congregations . . . the reality of today’s world is that not everyone who shares our core values will want to become part of a traditional congregation. The future relevance of our faith may well depend on whether we can create a religious movement beyond, as well as within, the parish.”

The guide contains three sessions that will allow groups to 1) explore the UUA’s rationale and set of initiatives for Congregations and Beyond, 2) investigate new technologies (including social media) that allow for the creation of new kinds of connections, and 3) learn about examples of congregational initiatives that help “lower the walls” of conventional institutions.

The guide also includes Morales’ initial introduction to Congregations and Beyond.

Immigration study resources ready

A new study guide, curriculum, and worship resources are now available for the Congregational Study/Action Issue (CSAI): “Immigration as a Moral Issue.”

The guide provides a range of resource materials for congregational and individual study. There is also a curriculum on immigration for a six-week adult education course as well as a worship resource supplement. Topics include: understanding the causes of migration, the history of immigration in the United States, the economics of immigration, security and enforcement, and building a theology of migrant justice. The guide is available at http://tinyurl.com/newstudyguide.

Additional resources, including congregational stories, news and updates, and interfaith and community partners can be found at www.uua.org/immigration.

Here are upcoming social witness deadlines:

• Vote in the Congregational Poll (closes Feb. 1, 2011) to approve placing the Draft Statement of Conscience (SOC) “Ethical Eating: Food & Environmental Justice” on the final agenda for General Assembly 2011.

• Submit comments on the Draft SOC “Ethical Eating: Food and Environmental Justice” (closes Feb. 1, 2010).

• Submit comments on the Draft CSAI “Immigration as a Moral Issue” (closes March 1, 2010).

The comment forms and instructions on voting are at www.uua.org/csw. Also available: “What Are We Voting On?” and a guide for collecting congregational comments.